Ring Sizing Guide

When shopping for a wedding band online, you don't want to have to go through the time and trouble of exchanging the wrong size. Our ring sizing guide offers the perfect solution, making it simple to select the ideal fit from the comfort of your own home or workplace.
There are three choices when it comes to sizing: print out our handy sizing guide, request a complimentary ring sizer, or take your own measurements and match them with our guide.

Quick and Convenient Ring Sizing Guide

Find your size easily with our printable sizing and reference guide.

The Liam & Avery Ring Sizing Guide makes it easy to find a ring size with two included methods:

1) Matching the size of a ring you currently own

2) Using our cut-out ring sizer


Free Ring Sizer

Measure your size without any guesswork with a free ring sizer arriving at your home in about a week.

This sizer works like a tiny belt around your finger, allowing you to find the ring size with the most comfort. A great way to find the perfect size the first time.

Request Your FREE Sizer

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Measure It Yourself

Find your perfect size by measuring your finger and matching it to our Size Chart

  1. Grab a length of string, dental floss, or strip of paper and a ruler (or use a tailor’s tape if you have one handy).
  2. Wrap it around your desired ring finger at the knuckle.
  3. Mark the place where both ends meet.
    Lay your string or paper strip on a flat surface with the ruler and measure the length between your marks.
  4. Find the closest size to your measurement on our Ring Size Chart. Choose the larger size option if you’re unsure.

Ring Sizing Tips

  • Always measure on the finger and hand where you will be wearing the ring.
  • Measure your finger at the end of the day and with normal body temperature. Fingers expand and shrink when hot or cold and as the day progresses.
  • The wider the band, the tighter the ring will feel, and going slightly larger may be more comfortable.
  • Consider your knuckle when choosing a size. You need to be able to fit over the knuckle but also not be too loose on the finger.
  • If choosing a comfort-fit ring, you may want to choose a half-size smaller ring. Comfort-fit rings tend to feel more loose that standard rings of a similar size.

Lifetime Size Exchange Policy

We are glad to exchange your ring for a new size as much as needed during our 90-day return period and for as long as you own the ring. We will even pay for the shipping.