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A modern ring for a modern man

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We create rings to stand the test of time

“Tungsten Carbide is far and away the best materials for a long-lasting and beautiful ring"

Here at Liam & Avery, we believe your ring should be as strong as your commitment. We value quality craftsmanship, and vow to deliver strong, durable rings so you can enjoy life’s freedoms, whatever it is that makes you ‘tick’. We create rings to stand the test of time. Formal enough for your wedding day. Casual enough for your every day.

Break tradition with a ring that won’t break.

We create statement pieces for those who have alternative ideas. We don’t believe in the notion of fitting into a "box" of expected ideals. Find something which fills you with excitement and embodies you as an individual. Break tradition with a ring that won’t break.

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A true conversation starter

Through years of experience, we have mastered our craft and honed the ability to carefully curate a ring you’ll want to wear forever. A ring which continues to excite you, and reflects your inner self to the outside world. An unbeatable mix of uniqueness and style – a true conversation starter in any environment.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to sharing our expertise and offering only the highest quality selection of Tungsten so that your ring will hold up to your lifestyle, and continue to look as good as the day you bought it. Our mission is to provide you with a lifetime of style. To offer a unique, high-quality alternative to traditional rings. We want to be there through life’s most special moments, and give you the freedom to stray from the traditional route. Feel the freeing nature of being your authentic self, with a ring that represents you. 

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